From The President’s Desk

Dear Colleagues,

 I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate you all for your roles in realization of my dream to become the President of PPPRA Staff Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited. I consider it a great honour to be so elected and I am determined to do everything possible to uphold your trust, in our collective quest at ensuring a more productive body.

It is therefore my pleasure to warmly welcome every member of our dynamic Co-operative Society to this fiscal year, while praying for a fruitful and rewarding tenure.

Our focus would be more on welfare, investments, Housing and recovery of the money with the Union Homes. By and large, we are determined to move the Co-Operative Society to greater investment heights, for the benefit of all members.

However, we cannot succeed without your support. We respectfully appeal for your understanding and patience, just as we look forward to benefit from your wealth of experience, wise counsels, and indeed, constructive criticisms. We must all remember that no one knows it all. Therefore, we should all work together to advance the course of a profitable Co-operative Society which we all can be proud of.

On our part, we promise transparency, equity, justice, and accountability in every of our activities.

Once again, I thank you for your support and look forward to your cooperation towards the attainment of our collective goals.