About PPPRA Coop

The PPPRA Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited is an umbrella organization for all staff of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency with its secretariat in the Head Quarters of the Agency in Abuja.  It is a savings and business entity with social purpose.

The cooperative society was duly registered under section 7, cap 26 of Northern Cooperative Societies Law, 1956 on December 20, 2004 with the registration number 5962.


Self help economic strength and unity

The management of the society

The management of the society was entrusted to a board of management consisting of nine executive members elected by the congress for two year tenure.


Membership is by filling the application form at no financial cost but is restricted to only staff of the Agency. Current membership of the society is well over 80% of PPPRA Staff with a targeted membership of all PPPRA staffs whether Permanent, seconded or pensionable


To build a strong and viable Co-operative, unified by common aspiration to wealth creation by promoting co-operative spirit and principles.


As a staff- based co-operative society, our objectives are,

  • To promote economic interest of members;
  • Provision of facilities for regular thrift savings by members without such savings being removed from their control;
  • Creation of funds to be lent to its members at fair and reasonable rates of interest for provident or productive purposes;
  • Any other measures designed on cooperative principles to encourage among its members the spirit and practice of thrift, mutual help and self help.